State Republicans can't agree on mid-year budget cuts

DES MOINES - Lawmakers in the Senate and the Iowa House can't agree on how much to cut state agencies for FY 2018.

It's funnel week at the statehouse, and that means dozens of bills have to make it through a committee on either the Senate or the House side, or they are dead. Certain bills, like tax reform and budget cuts, are immune to funnel week. 

On Wednesday, members of the House Appropriations Committee met to talk about the mid-year budget cut proposal still passing through the statehouse. Senate GOP members want to cut more money than the House. House Appropriations members approved on Wednesday changes to that proposal, and that comes out to an additional $11 million reduction...or more money saved in the cuts.

Here's where the budget discrepancies remain:

--Senate wants to cut $32 million from the general fund and make funding transfers that total $44 million

--House members want to cut $32 million to the 2018 budget


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