Suburbs Study Water Alternatives

West Des Moines & Waukee announce new study

By Melissa Higgins |

Published 08/24 2016 05:36PM

Updated 08/24 2016 05:36PM

WEST DES MOINES - West Des Moines Water Works announced it is launching a study, along with the City of Waukee, to evaluate new water sources.

Right now, West Des Moines treats water at a plant on Railroad Avenue, but it also purchases water from Des Moines Water Works. They're looking at the possibility of instead pulling water from a Raccoon River aquifer.
They have hired a company to first do a study on this -- which will cost $84,000 and starts next month.
"Studies that we have recently undertaken show that as a metro and the West Des Moines community, we don't have the capacity to serve future demands. So that is really why we are doing this, to have data so we can develop options and evaluate what is best for our community," explained Diana Wilson from West Des Moines Water Works.
This new study will help the cities identify which water sources are the most feasible.


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