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Tax Reform holding up other bills

Fetal heartbeat bill, Energy bill on the back burner

Until lawmakers figure out a compromise, there are some bills that have been pushed off to the side.
A big one is the budget. Also, the fetal heartbeat bill that would ban abortions once a fetus' heartbeat can be detected, an important energy bill that would do away with some energy efficiency programs,
And even the opioid legislation that has bipartisan support. All these things are going nowhere right now. But the governor said tax reform needs to happen.

Governor Kim Reynolds said, "We're going to work with both the house and senate and come to some consensus and it's going to be significant tax reform that is fiscally responsible, sustainable, and will allow us to honor our priorities." 

Tomorrow marks the 100th day of the session. After that point legislators don't get paid. Some political insiders at the statehouse say it could take another three weeks especially because there's no rush for the lawmakers who are farmers to get into the fields.

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