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Treasured Moments: 3-year-old overjoyed to take out the trash

CLIVE - For many people, taking out the trash is a chore. And just that. 

But for 3-year-old Crew Smith, each week something moves him quickly to his feet and out the front door: The sound of a garbage truck rumbling down the street. 

"Our entire week revolves around Thursday, that is how we've learned our days of the week," says Liz Smith, Crew's mother. "Garbage truck day, and that's what we live for." 

On Thursdays, Crew takes to the driveway donned in a custom uniform and rolling a miniature trash can to greet whoever may be driving the truck for waste management. 

There's no telling how long Crew's world will revolve around Thursday, and every day leading up to it. So his mom and dad will enjoy the ride, no matter how long it lasts. 

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