University of Iowa aims to be coal-free by 2025

IOWA CITY - The University of Iowa wants to be completely coal-free by 2025.

In an announcement made on Monday by UI president Bruce Harreld, the university's leader wrote in a press release that the school wants to innovate its renewable energy program.

"In 2025, we expect to have diminished our reliance on coal to the point it is no longer included in our fuel portfolio," said Harreld. "It's the right choice for our students and our campus, and it's the surest path to an energy-secure future."

Pursuing an alternative energy program has been in the word at the campus for a while. In 2008, UI developed a multi-phased plan to achieve sustainability targets on or before December 31, 2020. One of those goals was to reach 40 percent renewable energy that would transition the campus from its dependency on fossil fuels like coal to other sources.

"Our current fuel portfolio includes oat hulls, Miscanthus energy grass, wood chips, and green energy pellets," said Glen Mowery, director of utilities and energy management. "With these strategies in place, we believe our biomass program is one of the most advanced of any school in the U.S. and puts us on track for a coal-free UI Power Plant by 2025."


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