UPDATE: Young boy hit in Thursday morning accident still in critical condition

Brody Middle School urging parents to "help our kids feel safe"

By Orko Manna | omanna@weareiowa.com

Published 10/27 2016 10:58PM

Updated 10/27 2016 10:58PM

DES MOINES - A tragic accident Thursday morning is serving as a reminder to parents that life is precious.

12-year-old Josef Fuller was hit by a car while crossing the street Thursday morning. Fuller was crossing at SW 9th Street and Davis Avenue in Des Moines just before 7:00 a.m. Thursday. A car driven by a 25-year-old woman hit him. She stopped immediately to help. A nurse passing by the accident also stopped to help until paramedics arrived. Josef Fuller was taken to methodist hospital, where he is in critical condition and fighting for his life.

Fuller is a student at Brody Middle School - and this is the second tragedy to hit the school so far this year. 12-year-old Lea Phann, another student, was killed after a three-car crash near Bell Avenue back in September. Following Thursday's accident, Brody Middle Schools is asking parents to reflect and spend time with their children.

Brody Middle School staff got word of the accident toward the end of the school day Thursday. They needed time to gather their thoughts, but Principal Tom Hoffman tells Local 5, they are holding on to hope.
"Every day is precious and every day is important," Hoffman said.
The Brody Middle School community is holding their breath - as Josef Fuller fights for his life in the hospital. Hoffman is urging parents to hold their children extra tight.
"Make sure that they felt safe and loved and that's really, at a time like this, that's really all we can do, is to help our kids feel safe and let them know that they're very very important and precious to all of us," Hoffman said.
Fuller is in critical condition - and school staff members are wishing him a speedy recovery.
"There is still hope, there is always hope, you can't be a good teacher unless you believe there is always hope," Hoffman said.
And with this being the second major heartbreak for the school this year, school officials say help will be available for all those who need it.
"Our school district has a pretty robust and comprehensive response to incidents like this, they did with Lea as well," Hoffman said. "We have two full time counselors, we have a social worker, we have other people who are trained to work with our kids."
Brody Middle School had already canceled classes Friday because of a professional development day for staff members. But they are urging parents to take the long weekend to reflect on this accident, and let their kids know that they are safe.
Again, Josef Fuller is in critical condition as of Thursday night. Stick with Local 5 for the latest updates.


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