Valley Junction looking to build brewery

WEST DES MOINES - Valley Junction has seen a huge boom in the past year. They're revitalizing old buildings and bringing in new shopping, food and drinks. 

Valley Junction is filled with rich history, and one of those buildings is The Foundry building. It's a massive spot and developers are ready to bring in something completely different; a brewery on the south side of town. 

“The bones of this building we cannot wait to share with the community and the city of Des Moines,” said Jorgen Jensen, project developer.

What once stood as a railroad barn, is now on track to become The Foundry. 

“If we renovate this property in such a way to activate it and bring the community into the space and breathe new life into the space, we believe that this might serve as a catalyst for other development on the south side of Railroad Avenue,” said Jensen. 

The 6,000 square foot space will incorporate five elements, which owners believe will foster a vibrant and creative community.

“It’s very much a nod to a German beer hall, and I guess I’m the proprietor. The second space we have is a kitchen that we’re developing, that’s a non-profit commercial kitchen. That’s part of the non-profit called the Justice League of Food. And that’s got a special place in our hearts because of its mission of skills training and job placement services for the homeless,” said Nick Kuhn, managing partner of the hall. 

Although it's one of the oldest building in the Historic Valley Junction area, the creators are making sure to cater to a younger crowd. 

“We need to keep an eye on the future, it’s that younger demographic out there that is eventually coming into their own,” said Kuhn. 

They're opening the building to the public on October 21, but the developers want to have the entire space ready by the beginning of 2018.

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