Winter weather challenging for truck drivers who don't want to quit

It's a tough call to make: keep working in dangerous weather or stop

By Claire Powell |

Published 11/30 2015 06:18PM

Updated 11/30 2015 06:18PM

FORT DODGE- With the rain turning into ice into snow, it was a tough day for drivers across the state.

The worst weather is hitting the northwest portion of the state, dumping inches of snow on top of thick ice.

Out of all drivers, truck drivers are making one of the toughest decisions: to keep doing their job or quit.

"A lot of change to sleet, to snow and it did it quick today. Those snowflakes were big!” said Jerry Redding, driver for Decker Truck Line out of Fort Dodge. "If you’re going down the road and see accidents everywhere, it’s time to stop."

Redding, who’s been driving for 22 years, said when it’s slick, it’s hard for the 18-wheeler’s to stop.

Decker Truck Line’s has more than 700 drivers cutting paths across the country transporting food and all sorts of timely packages. Redding says keeping focused and in touch with dispatch is important during the bad weather.

"We keep them up with what’s going on, where they’re at or where they're going. If you don’t feel safe, park your truck. We’ll have two drivers and when one will go, one won’t,” said Michael Erritt, Decker Truck Line, Inc. "We’d rather get the load there a little bit late rather than not at all.”

When it all boils down to it, it’s the drivers call and Redding’s advice is simple.

"If you don’t feel safe, you don’t need to be out.”

The winter weather is expected to continue into Tuesday. 

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