Man Hangs Confederate Flag In Norwalk

Kim Paulsen Says He Doesn't Care About Politicial Correctness

By Nikki Davidson |

Published 07/07 2015 11:18PM

Updated 07/07 2015 11:18PM

South Carolina is a step closer to removing the confederate flag from a pole in front of the statehouse after a 37-3 vote Monday, but back in Iowa a new controversial flag display just went up in Norwalk. 

Last week Kim Paulsen put up a confederate battle flag in his backyard, it's visible to drivers on Sunset Drive in Norwalk. 

Paulsen, a Iraq War veteran says he bought the flag after watching the news from South Carolina. 

"I just had to make a statement, so I went online and found the flag," said Paulsen. 

Paulsen says he feels the shooting deaths of nine people in a church in Charleston was a tragedy, but he blames the problem on mental health issues and feels the flag should be left out of the discussion. 

"The Civil War wasn't just about slavery, it was also about state rights," said Paulsen. "Most of the people who died were not wealthy landowners who had slaves to benefit from plantations. These were regular people." 

Paulsen said he fought for his rights in Iraq, and that includes freedom of expression. 

"I don't believe in political correctness, that needs to go away," said Paulsen. "Americans need to start thinking for themselves. We can disagree, but we have to learn to get along." 


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