Urbandale Fireworks Disappoints Crowds

A Fourth of July fireworks show left many asking for more in Urbandale

By Stephanie Kim | skim@weareiowa.com, Nikki Davidson | ndavidson@weareiowa.com

Published 07/06 2015 12:31AM

Updated 07/06 2015 12:32AM

Urbandale-- Saturday night's fireworks show in Urbandale left many disappointed. They say it was a shorter show that abruptly ended. 

The annual show at Urbandale's Walker Johnston Park is a tradition for many. Compared to last year, people say it seemed short lasting about 15 minutes and lacked a big finish.

"This one was just a couple of fireworks and it was over. Nothing real exciting," said Maxine White. "We were disappointed wondered if they ran out, thought they were going to come back with some more but they never did," she said.
The fireworks are paid for by fundraiser dollars, not city money. Hundreds took to Facebook to share their frustration after the show.
The Urbandale fireworks page explains they suspect a malfunction The committee says they're working to get ahold of the fireworks company, J&M Displays, that put on the show. It's the same company they've contracted with for the last twenty years.
"We really want  visit with them, and talk to them, and hear their perspective to what to place and try and make things right," said Dr. Brian Coppass, the chairman of the Urbandale's Fourth of July celebration.
The Urbandale committee says they apologize for any disappointment and will release more information as it becomes available.
"We're really asking for patience ask from the people who are upset," said Coppass. "We don't want to lose our reputation."
Local 5 also reached out to J&M Displays and got no response.
The committee says they paid part of the money for the fireworks show beforehand and will pay another portion of the bill afterwards. They are not releasing information tonight on how much they spent.


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