Water Main Break Halts Business in Woodward

A boil order has been issued throughout the weekend

By Kattey Ortiz | kortiz@weareiowa.com

Published 07/31 2015 06:13PM

Updated 07/31 2015 06:13PM

WOODWARD – Many businesses in Woodward had to start their weekend on Friday when water was shut off for almost 24 hours.

According to Mayor Brian Devick, a water main valve ruptured on Main Street Thursday night. While crews worked to repair it, another break occurred two blocks over.

Officials then shut the water off throughout the town.

“Soon as I realize I have water, I’ll be the first on in the shower,” said Clayton Overton, owner of Woodward Hardware.

Businesses had signs posted on their doors saying they were closed because of the break.

"Casey’s on the south end of town can't run their fountains, can't make coffee, they can't do a lot of things. They are open but they're limited," said Mayor Devick.

"Very dead today because of the water main break,” Overton said. “I feel sorry for the businesses that can't be open. But it doesn’t affect me too much because I sell hardware.”

Bar and grill Whistling Donkey resorted to using paper plates and plastic utensils.

The water was turned back on shortly after 5 p.m. Friday, however a boil order is issued throughout the weekend.

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