Pet Safety During the Holidays

From Dr. Jessica Merk

Thanksgiving has now past and folks are starting to get out their Christmas decorations and thinking more about holiday parties and Christmas gifts as the weather has finally turned cold.

Dr. Jessica Merk of the Ashworth Road Animal Hospital in West Des Moines came on the Midday show to offer her advice on Pet Do's and Don'ts for the Holidays.

Decorations this time of year often catches the eye of our curious pets, especially Christmas trees. It would be wise to make sure your tree is securely anchored so that it doesn't tip over and fall causing injury to your pet. If your family wants a real tree this year, make sure the water bowl is inaccessible to your pet as stagnant tree water is breeding ground for bacteria and can also contain fertilizers that will upset your pet's stomach.

It's always good to keep wires out of reach and to skip the ornaments on the bottom branches. It's also a good idea to do without tinsel if you are a pet owner. 

Dr. Merk also suggested about saying no to any human foods, but in particular anything
with a bone or something else that can be a choking hazard, as well as spicy, fatty
foods and sweets. So, the bottom line is that it's best to keep people food away from

She also says as the cold weather is setting in to make sure to limit outside playtime.While they might have extra fur to keep warm, their paws are still sensitive to the cold and the salt and chemicals on sidewalks and driveways. Shoveling off an area for your pet to do his business would be a good idea as well. 

If you have any questions regarding you pet's safety or need a check-up scheduled for your furry friends, give the Ashworth Road Animal Hospital a call: 515-225-1807.

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