Fareway Student-Athlete of the Week: Andrew Crawford

By Jordan Furbee | jfurbee@weareiowa.com, Jon Schaeffer | jschaeffer@weareiowa.com

Published 08/25 2016 10:04PM

Updated 08/25 2016 10:04PM

When asked, it doesn't take long for north head coach Sean Quinlan to gush about Andrew Crawford... "He’s one of those kids that I like to say is mature beyond his years. I knew he was a gem from the get go. To me there's hope in America when I see youth of his caliber."

That's some pretty high praise, but if anyone has earned it, it's Andrew.

The north senior sports a 3.6 GPA, is a captain of not only the football team, but also the commanding officer for north's junior r-o-t-c program, something he's been a part of since his sophomore year.


"I’ve got about, beginning of the year, I’ve got about 140 cadets underneath me. For the football aspect, it really helps for the discipline and integrity and all that stuff."


"He’s a good sounding board for a lot of our kids because a lot of our kids in my program and on the field will have problems, but they're comfortable enough to share them with Andrew, which how many kids shared problems when you and were growing up?"


Growing up, Andrew felt a calling to serve his country at a young age.


"Probably since I was about 10 and then once I joined the ROTC up here, that really put it into action.


Next year after graduation, he'll try to turn his dream into a reality...


"I’m applying to the naval academy because I’m going to the Marine Corps and that would kind of streamline my career, because I’m trying to get commissioned as a second lieutenant.

My grandpa served in the navy during WW II and I’d kind of like to carry that on and I just feel I need to serve my country before I go and take a civilian life and do that every day."


"Joining the military at this time as we know the global situation as it is right now is very chaotic, it's uncertain.

Speaks volumes a lot to a young man that's willing to right a blank check to the country for four years and it's impressive and he knows that it's not for the meek and timid. He knows there's a propensity that he could go into harms way and he's one of those young men that just loves his country.

And I just think he has a burning desire to serve, whether it be four years, 8 years, 10 years, whoever is fortunate enough to get him in their unit, being a marine for 27 years, will be extremely lucky.  

"He represents to me just the quality.

My son is 12-13 and if he has the same type of qualities that Andrew has I’ll be extremely happy as a father."

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