Jordan Canzeri Continues To Give Back to Iowa City Youth

Hawkeye running back Jordan Canzeri is most well known around the Iowa community for his touchdown runs but perhaps the most important impact the senior Hawk is making is what he is doing off the football field.

Hawkeye hero Canzeri grew up in the tough neighborhood of Troy, New York. He now spends his free time away from football helping at-risk youth.

"I've seen a lot of guys make bad decisions and mistakes and you know end up in prison and jail and, um, a lot of things that change your lives forever. For me just being around that and seeing that it made just an influence for me to be able to make a difference and help kids so they don't go down that path."

Needing community service hours  for class he started volunteering for the Strive for Success program where he helps kids with their academics. Although he finished those hours a long time ago he hasn't stopped showing up since.

"We are grateful that he takes time out of his busy schedule to come and give back and it's really been a blessing to have him come and the kids really admire him and they look up to him so this is really what the program needs is a great role model."

The Iowa back is trying to make an impact that goes beyond the football field.
Education, getting your degree, and good grades in college it is very important.

"Playing football and a sport it's awesome and you want to experience the most out of it but your education is most important."

Canzeri also frequently visits the UI Children's Hospital. With the help of his teammates he delivered yellow roses to the young patients in honor of Iowa's Rose Bowl invitation.

"I've had good role models and guys and people that have done so much for me so for me to help others I hope that there's that trickle effect."

And he's hoping his "pay it forward" mentality catches on with more young athletes like himself. In Iowa City with your Hawkeye Headquarters report. Alex Giaimo.

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