ITK: Waukee teacher recognized on the national scale

WAUKEE — We certainly have a lot of great teachers here in Iowa. One of the best primary school systems in the nation. But when you take all the great teachers in the nation and you make the cut for the top 5? Well, that makes you an Iowan To Know. “My whole family speaks […]

ITK: Avid golfer who plays like clockwork

NORWALK — 4:15 PM on Wednesdays most of us have someplace to be. Maybe at work, maybe not. But there’s one guy from Johnston for whom 4:15 PM on Wednesdays means his beloved golf tee time. He hasn’t wavered for 28 years now. That makes him an Iowan to Know. Way back in 1991 he […]

ITK: Waukee kid is a rising star in chess

WAUKEE – Chess is a great game. You probably tried it as a kid or you play now. But the game got hard if you wanted to get to the next level. When you’re 9-years-old and your next level is the world level, then that makes you an Iowan to Know. 

ITK: Local author looking to help students survive college

WEST DES MOINES — With students back at school and in the thick of their classes, stress is never in short supply. College in the digital age may be more stressful than ever. But, there’s a woman from West Des Moines who’s trying to change all that. That makes her an Iowan to Know. “It’s […]

ITK: Iowa man takes his mom’s hot sauce worldwide

WEST DES MOINES — If you’re good in the kitchen, you’ve probably had that dream. Making it big in the culinary world, having millions of people appreciate that one thing that you do so well. One guy from West Des Moines had that dream and made it a worldwide reality. That makes him an Iowan […]

ITK: Two women giving helping hands to Des Moines refugees

DES MOINES – Lending a helping hand is one thing. But when you work all year long to provide crucial necessities to hundreds of people in the metro who really don’t have another option, well that makes Alison Hoeman and Emily Brick, Iowans to know.