VAN METER – It’s a tradition that’s unlike any other in Central Iowa: the search for the *Van Meter Visitor.*

On Saturday, guests got a chance to walk the streets of downtown Van Meter, where many of the town’s residents reported seeing a mysterious bat-like creature in 1903.               

The tour guide, Chad Lewis, talked about the times where that creature was seen near the restaurants and bars. Town historians say the town was much bigger during the events. Guests say it’s interesting to see the story unfold up close.

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“It was interesting to have Chad narrate everything and tell the story,” said Jazmine Epps, Cornell College student. “It’s a little better than just reading it out of the newspaper or out of his book. “

The monster walks were held all afternoon and evening, where they got the full experience of the search. This is the third year Van Meter has held the event.