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Former 'American Idol' contestant writes a song in memory of Winterset woman's husband

Sam Moss wrote a song for Judy Clark, a widow who lost her husband in the March 5, 2022 Winterset tornado.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — We all have that one song that touches our hearts or makes you feel like the songwriter wrote it just for you. 

That's exactly what "American Idol" contestant Sam Moss did for a Winterset woman who lost her husband and pets in last month's tornadoes.

For Judy Clark, March 5 is the day her life changed forever. Tornadoes swept away her home in Winterset. 

"I hollered at my husband because he was in the garage. And so we both went into the house, and I jumped into the bathtub, and at that point, as soon as I jumped in, I know, I know, Rod was right with me," she said. "Then as soon as that happened, the tornado hit."

After that moment, Judy's life took a tragic turn, losing more than just personal belongings,

"I remember going through the air, I remember landing. I opened my eyes and you could still see the stuff swirling. Once I got the debris off of me I saw everything was gone then I look to the left of me and then I found him to the left of me and unfortunately I knew he was deceased at this time," she said.  

Winterset native Sam Moss heard of Judy's story. Although she had never met her, the singer-songwriter wanted to share her gift, hoping to offer comfort to Judy and her family

"When I meet with people to write a song, I try to infuse like their point of view and their personality and their experience into the song," Moss told Local 5. "And so it became something really, really beautiful because in the face of tragedy and losing her other half, she was still able to talk with so much gratitude and fierceness and resilience."

Judy's reaction to Moss's draft of the song reminds her of the gratitude she feels for the memories and wonderful years with her husband by her side

"She sent that video or the music to me, and oh, my god, it is so beautiful. She just nailed it, absolutely nailed it. And I just wish that everybody has a chance in their lifetime to have a love like that." 

If you or someone you love has lost someone and want to have a song to remember them, Sam Moss wants you to reach out and she would be more than happy to write a personalized song for you.

Judy encourages everyone who does not have a basement or storm shelter to seek out options to ensure you are protected as tornado season hasn't even started. It was something she and her husband talked about, but never got around to doing. 

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