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Blast from the past: vinyl records are getting a new spin at a Des Moines store.

What started as a Facebook group has turned into a thriving shop.

DES MOINES, Iowa — In a time of uncertainty, a little nostalgia can go a long way. And that's what Vinyl Cup Records in Des Moines is hoping to offer music lovers of all ages. 

It started as a Facebook group  in 2017. Store owner Luke Dickens was a  collector and would go to shows and pop-ups. He quickly learned his passion was shared by many, saying "we went from 40 members to 2000 members in six months. My wife said get these records out of my house. Okay, so I open the record store."

Dickens and store manager Benji Rask say listening to a record is an experience that transports you into the studio. And it's certainly nostalgic. But there's also something magical happening with vinyl. It's bridging generations. They say "I think that people are really liking kind of going back in time a little bit because we are so attached to our devices, kids are listening to what their parents were, and also new artists, almost every new artist is releasing on vinyl."

Luke Dickens says they have had to adapt to the pandemic like any other business. But they are happy to be able to offer something unique, in a time when we could all use a moment to kick back and relax.