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A Lesson in Neuropathy with Vero Neuropathy | Paid Content

Learn about the symptoms of neuropathy | Paid Content

Paid Content | when someone is suffering with nerve damage and starts to lose the feeling in their feet, legs, or hands, it can be very frightening. They may be afraid to seek out help because they don’t know what is happening or what to expect. Some people may ignore the symptoms hoping that they will just go away. Neuropathy is a condition that is rarely fatal. However, it could be the result of a more serious, system-wide complication, such as diabetes. Diabetes, if not controlled, could become life threatening.

Neuropathy is the result of nerve damage and, if not treated, will get progressively worse over time. Nerves have a protective coating called the Myelin Sheath. This sheath protects the nerves and allows them to send normal signals to the brain then to the spinal cord and on down to the peripheral nerves in the hands and feet. With nerve damage, that protective coating deteriorates. For comparison, it’s like the coating on electrical wires. If that wire coating gets broken and starts to wear away, the wires are open and may not work. Similarly, when the coating on the nerves wears down, those nerves can’t transmit those normal signals throughout the body. That’s when the symptoms happen like tingling, pins & needles, etc. The nerve signals can’t communicate back to the brain as they should. The damage and symptoms start out slowly but can progress to a point where it becomes more difficult to treat and can confine someone to a walker or wheelchair.

The course of action is to be evaluated by a healthcare professional who is trained in neuropathy, that’s where Vero Neuropathy comes in. They treat the nerve damage with electric cell signaling to help the body repair the damage.

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