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Alimony In Iowa with Kim Baer | Paid Content

Learn about the different types of alimony you may be eligible for | Paid Content

Paid Content | Kim Baer joins us in studio today to talk about the different types of alimony that some people may be eligible or entitled to. Alimony is the support payment ordered by the court as part of a divorce. The spouse leaving the marriage who makes more money is ordered to make monthly payments for a set amount of time to the other spouse.

Iowa law recognizes different types of alimony; Traditional, Rehabilitative or Transitional, and Reimbursement.

Traditional alimony is when courts often award traditional alimony after long-term marriages. Usually, Lifetime or until one party reaches retirement age.

Rehabilitative alimony provides support for an economically dependent spouse through a limited period.  Sometimes used for TRANSITION, re-education, or retraining.

Reimbursement alimony is awarded based on SACRIFICES made by one spouse during the marriage that directly enhance the future earning capacity of the other. EXAMPLE: Usually when one spouse works to put the other through grad school (doctor, lawyer).

Not all courts or judges are the same.

Marriage over 20 years—courts will usually look at traditional spousal support—lifetime or until age of social security.

Marriage 10-20 years looking more at 5-10 years of alimony.

Less than ten years might not be entitled to receive alimony if there was a short time period. 1-2-3 years.  Depends on the difference in the earning capacity. Alimony can also be modified if circumstances change such as losing a job or someone gets sick.

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