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Baby Addax at the Blank Park Zoo | Paid Content

Check up on the new baby at the Zoo | Paid Content

Paid Content | We are joined by Alex Goldsberry in the Addax Barn. Recently Adeline gave birth to the baby Addax Bonnie. Bonnie was born May 3rd, 2023, and weighed 15 lbs. She is healthy and growing strong. Addax can be found living in the Sahara Desert and are critically endangered. They live in herds up to 20 of them. Addax are hardy animals since they live in harsh environments. They feed on plants and get their hydration from them too. They can withstand the heat and the cool temperatures of the cold desert nights. There are less than 100 found in the wild so the birth of Bonnie is important. The Blank Park Zoo does an amazing job with their conservation efforts and helps to breed and increase the population of this endangered animal.

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