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Bakari turns 2 months old at the Blank Park Zoo | Paid Content

Bakari the baby giraffe just turned 2 months old Monday so, we check in with Kayla Freeman to get an update on how he is doing at the Blank Park Zoo! | Paid Content

Paid Content | Kayla Freeman, Zoo Keeper, visits from the outside giraffe exhibit yard to talk about Bakari, the baby giraffe, turning 2 months old at the Blank Park Zoo. We find out the temperature it needs to be before he can venture outside and how you will be able to see him all winter long at the indoor facility. We also learn how his diet has changed in the past few weeks as he is now experimenting with solid foods while still nursing. Find out how much weight he has gained since being born at the zoo on September 7, 2022! www.blankparkzoo.com

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