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Central Iowa Neuropathy can help you regain your sense of balance | Paid Content

Dr. Ole Olson, Central Iowa Neuropathy, explains the significance of sensitivity and balance and how they can help retrain your brain with treatment | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Dr. Ole Olson, Central Iowa Neuropathy, explains how he can evaluate and treat neuropathy pain by restoring the functionality of nerves by stimulating blood vessels to help nourish and repair the damaged area of the nerve. Dr. Olson talks about someone's sense of balance and how it can be measured and what roll that has in diagnosing peripheral neuropathy. We also learn that you can retrain your brain to help correct a loss of balance with guidance from Central Iowa Neuropathy. Call now to learn more: 515-505-3700 and make an appointment. You will also receive a FREE copy of Dr. Olson's book, Reversing Neuropathy.

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