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Creston woman says "(Weight) came off in places I struggled with for years" | Paid Content

Tammy Stuart struggled with stubborn weight that would not come off until she found Dr. Vince Hassel's ChiroThin weight loss program | Paid Content

Paid Content | After struggling with weight loss for years, Creston, Iowa's Tammy Stuart turned to Dr. Vince Hassel and his ChiroThin weight loss program. Tammy says: "It was amazing how (the weight) came off and it came off in places that I've struggled with for years" (hips, arms, belly, lower back). She said she can definitely feel it in her body and over all good health. "I was able to fit into my old wardrobe...which was a wonderful feeling!" she said with a smile!  Tammy has lost about 25 pounds and feels great. These results are TYPICAL and Dr. Hassel can help you through the program no matter where you are located! Contact Dr. Vince Hassel and get started on the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program and get ready to loose that stubborn weight and feel great! Visit www.weightlossindesmoines.com 

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