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Des Moines Hyperbaric Chamber with Dr. Vince Hassel | Paid Content

Find out How the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works | Paid Content

Paid Content | Dr. Vince Hassel joins us via zoom to talk about Des Moines Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Get ready to recover faster, look younger, feel better, and live longer through the advanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments at Des Moines HBOT Center. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a safe non-invasive therapy that uses an increase in atmospheric pressure to increase oxygen supply to cells and tissues.

Normally it is the red blood cells which distribute the oxygen we breathe into the tissues in our bodies, however with hyperbaric oxygen therapy the increased pressure forces oxygen into the blood plasma. When oxygen is dissolved into the plasma this greatly increases the amount of oxygen being taken to our tissues and therefore increases the uptake of oxygen into our cells. Oxygen is needed to complete the metabolic processes in each one of our cells.

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