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Eat REAL food, REGAIN your health and lose a LOT of weight | Paid Content

Dr. Vince Hassel gives you ability to regain your health & lose a LOT of weight by eating real foods following his Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Program | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Dr. Vince Hassel can help you regain your health and lose a lot of weight in 42 days following his Dr. Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program.  This program targets the stubborn fat that is carried by many by feeding your body the nutrients it needs eating REAL FOOD! Special ChiroThin drops and proper hydration are also key elements to the success of the program as well as DAILY CHECK INS with Dr. Hassel where adjustments can be made, if necessary, to ensure maximum results! IF YOU ARE READY to get healthy and lose weight, call 515-423-8396 or visit  www.weightlossindesmoines.com and make an appointment to learn more.