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Firefighting Foam Cancer & Mesothelioma Product Cases | Paid Content

Attorney Kim Baer discusses two product lawsuit cases that are currently attracting a lot of attention: Firefighter Foam & Asbestos exposure | Paid Content

Paid Content | Attorney Kim Baer discusses product lawsuits cases that the Baer Law Office has been seeing lately. Firefighteing Foam Cancer cases have been surfacing for former firefighters and Kim explains what is happening with these lawsuits. Also, 30 billion dollars has been earmarked for Mesothelioma (asbestos related) cases. Kim talks about what these cases require as well as the statute of limitations that apply. If you have questions about either of these type of cases, you can contact the Baer Law Office at 515-279-2000 or www.BaerLawOffice.com  

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