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Freshly picked produce delivered to your door YEAR-ROUND from Clayton Farms | Paid Content

Clayton Mooney has the story of Clayton Farms, an Indoor Farm in Ames, Iowa that can deliver freshly picked produce to your door YEAR-ROUND | Paid Content

Paid Content | Clayton Mooney, Chief Farmer & Co-Founder of Clayton Farms, an Indoor Farm in Ames, Iowa has the story of how the business was created and is flourishing!  We learn about the type of produce they grow, how long it takes from seed to harvest and then how quickly it gets delivered to your door! We even get to taste some of the bountiful harvest, find out about they type delivery options that are available and a special offer for Local 5 viewers that will save them $10 off their first order!  Visit www.claytonfarms.com to learn more and get details on how to have FRESH PRODUCE delivered to your door, year-round!

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