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How to handle being involved in an accident with a Semi-Truck | Paid Content

Attorney Kim Baer gives tips and advice in case you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck and how much different it is from a car only crash | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Accidents involving Semi-Trucks must be handled much differently than your average fender bender with only cars involved. Attorney Kim Baer reviews some of the steps that need to be taken in case you are involved in an accident involving a semi-truck. Semi-trucks are governed by special federal regulations that include speed, conditions, driving hours, loads and more. Be Safe, Contact Authorities, Document Crash, Find Witnesses and Call an Attorney who has experience and training with semi-truck accidents law.  If you are involved in an accident, call the experienced professionals at the Baer Law Office at 515-279-2000 or 515-INJURED to get questions answered. www.baerlawoffice.com