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Jabari the Lion's final day at the Blank Park Zoo

Jabari the Lion is all grown up and it's time to get a Pride of his own! Shannon McKinney from the Blank Park Zoo explains and has information on tonight's Zoo Brew!

Jabari the Lion, who we have watched grow up at the Blank Park Zoo, is ready to move on and acquire a Pride of his own!  Today, July 21, 2021 is the final day for Jabari to be seen at the zoo as he is being moved to another AZA accredited facility...which is according to plans. Shannon McKinney reminds us of how old he is and you'll see an amazing comparison to what he looked like as a cub and what he looks like now!  Adults can get a final look at Jabari tonight at the Swans and Sauvignon ZOO BREW with music from Rick Burke in the air conditioned Holmes Foster Event Center starting at 5:30pm.  For more information go to www.blankparkzoo.com