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Laughing Kookaburras in the Australia Adventure area of the Blank Park Zoo

Cheyenne Wagner, a member of the bird team, visits us from the Kruidenier Australia Adventure area of the Blank Park Zoo with the Laughing Kookaburras!

The Kruidenier Australia Adventure at the Blank Park Zoo is a gated area just past the Flamingos when walking along the main path of the Blank Park Zoo. Ceyenne Wagner visits us from inside this area near the Kookaburra enclosure. The Blank Park Zoo is home to 3 Kookaburras...Ma, Pa & Dottie (the chick)!  Also, see what Twany Frogmouth chicks looks like (it's a bird), the Yellow-backed duikers and the Hartmann's Zebras all new at the zoo!  Don't forget about a Zoo Brew tonight..."For the Love of AniMULES"  You'll find music at three different locations around the zoo tonight with music by Nola Jazz Band, Shevelia & the Jason Danielson Quartet...in partnership with the Civic Music Association.   And, "Zoobilation" is finally here...happening THIS FRIDAY.  Learn more about all these events including the online auction for those that cannot attend Zoobilation person by visiting ww.blankparkzoo.com.