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Legal New Year Resolutions to take care of now | Paid Content

Attorney Kim Baer discusses Legal New Year Resolutions that include making sure you and your assets are handled they way you wish | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Attorney Kim Baer talks about the importance of legal documents that should be in place to protect your wishes and the start of the new year...which may be a great time to make that resolution to complete those tasks sooner rather than later.

Kim discusses both Medical & Financial Power of Attorney documents, what they mean and who they can be assigned to if necessary. Wills and Living Wills are also essential to ensuring how you and your assets are treated when the time comes to enforce those documents. Costs are reasonable and discounts are offered if you prepare several of these important elements at the same time. To have a conversation about your options call 515-279-2000 or visit online at www.baerlawoffice.com