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Man who has lost MORE than 101 pounds in six months using ChiroThin says "It was EASY!" | Paid Content

Chad Sheley has lost MORE that 101 pounds since starting Dr. Vince Hassel's ChiroThin Weight Loss program in April 2022 says "it was easy!" | Paid Content

Paid Content | Dr. Vince Hassel has THOUSANDS of success stories of people who have had TYPICAL results using his Dr. Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program...Women lose 20-30lbs and men 30-40lbs in the 42 day program. Chad Sheley is someone who may be one of the most successful clients who has nothing short of astonishing results since starting the program in April of 2022.  In six months, after two rounds of ChiroThin, Chad has lost 101.5 pounds and says "it was easy!" He jokes about how his shopping cart contents look different now as there is a lot of produce in there now...but, the bottom line is that his lifestyle has changed and his health has been the result. See the dramatic photos and learn how YOU can join Chad in a weight loss journey that recaptures your health at less than half the cost of what others in Des Moines are charging for their programs. Call or Text Dr. Vince Hassel at 515-423-8396 or visit online at www.weightlossindesmoines.com 

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