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Marshalltown woman loses 76 lbs since August! | Paid Content

Brianna Yates has lost 76 lbs by completing three rounds Dr. Vince Hassel's ChiroThin Weight Loss program since last August (2021)! | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Dr. Vince Hassel's ChiroThin Weight Loss program has incredible results that ARE TYPICAL! Brianna Yates first visited Iowa Live last August when she lost 27 lbs using Dr. Hassel's program.  She returned today, after completing two more rounds of the ChiroThin program, and reports a total weight loss of an astonishing 76 pounds! Dr. Hassel explains the science behind the program and how he adjusts the program, on a daily basis if needed, to best utilize the power of your endocrine system. Brianna says she "feel(s) incredible!" You can see how Brianna is beaming in the interview as she explains how great it is to "feel like me" again!  Learn how Dr. Hassel can help YOU recapture your health and shed those unwanted pounds!  Call him for more information at 515-423-8396 or www.weightlossindesmoines.com