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Meet ACE, the one year old doggie looking for a forever home and place your orders for Gourmet Apples for Valentine's Day!

Megan Davies, ARL of Iowa, introduces you to Ace, a smaller one year old Brindle Pit Bull looking for a home and pre-orders for ARL Gourmet Apples happening now!

Megan Davies of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa introduces you to Ace, the one year old Brindle Pit Bull looking for a new forever home at ARL Main. Ace is a smaller dog of this breed and is not expected to get much larger. Megan also talks about the importance of keeping your pets safe in this cold weather we hare having right now and has some tips of how to make sure you animals are well cared for in these conditions. Also, Gourmet Apple PRE-ORDERS are happening now through January 24th at www.arl-iowa.org/apples. Apples are available for both human AND for dogs at this special Valentine's Day Traditional Fundraiser for the ARL!