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"Ohhh Doctor"...Meet a man who's pant size dropped from 40" to 32" using Dr. Vince Hassel's weight loss program!

Jerry Vansickel says "It's a program that works! It'll work for anyone" about Dr. Vince Hassel's weight loss program! Started at 270lbs now 197lbs! | PAID CONTENT

See the incredible transformation of Racing Announcer Jerry Vansickel as he shows the before and after photos of his amazing weight loss journey with Dr. Vince Hassel's program.  Jerry began tipping the scales about 270 and after completing the program a few times, is now under 200 lbs!  Jerry simply says "It's a program that works.  It'll work for anybody"  His belt size went from a size 40" to size 32"...something Jerry hasn't seen since he was 22 years old!

Learn what Jerry says are the key things that really helped make the program work!

More information on how this program can work from anywhere at www.weightlossindesmoines.com