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Reading Activities to Entertain Kids with New Horizon Academy | Paid Content

New Horizon Academy has created a calendar with daily activities to help families celebrate early literacy and support reading | Paid Content

Paid Content | New Horizon Academy has a few ideas that will help families reinforce reading skills for young children. In honor of "I Love to Read Month" Kelena Bonnell shares a few of the activities that you can do together to develop language and literacy skills.

Schedule daily reading time. Just as you schedule other family activities, like bath night, dinner, etc., schedule reading time as part of your daily routine.

Be a reading role model. Let your child see you read. This sends a message that reading is important. Read a recipe and bake of cook together.

Carry books with you wherever you go! Create an on-the-go book bag and take it with you whenever you leave home. This gives your child fun activities to entertain and occupy them while traveling, while waiting for food at a restaurant, and going to the doctor's office or other appointments. 

Another fun activity would be writing the word "red" on several sticky notes. Have your child go on a "red scavenger hunt" around the house putting them on anything red.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to reading and writing potential.

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