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Thanksgiving is an IDEAL TIME to start ChiroThin Weight Loss program | Paid Content

Kelly Brown has lost over 26 pounds during her second round of Dr. Vince Hassel's ChiroThin Weight Loss program for a total weight loss of 56 pounds! | Paid Content

Paid Content | Dr. Vince Hassel explains why Thanksgiving is an IDEAL TIME to start his Dr. Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss program because the first two days REQUIRE you load up on the calories! Learn about the science behind Dr. Hassel's amazing program and then hear from Kelly Brown...who has lost a total of 56 pounds with two rounds of ChiroThin. We find out the reason Kelly decided to try the program and why she believes it was successful. To get the incredible results that Kelly has achieved, which are TYPICAL, contact Dr. Vince Hassel at 515-423-8396 or www.weightlossindesmoines.com 

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