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Two things you need to prove before filing Medical Malpractice claim | Paid Content

Attorney Kim Baer helps explain Medical Malpractice Law in Iowa and the two things that you need to prove in order to file a claim successfully | Paid Content

Paid Content | Attorney Kim Baer, Baer Law Office, helps us understand Malpractice Law and what two things must be proven in order to file a case successfully. We learn that more than a quarter million people per year die as a result of medical mistakes and it is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Kim has examples of various situations that warranted a filing and also, an example of a case that may be difficult to win. Expense is also a concern that needs to be taken into consideration as well as the cap of how much money can be recovered. There is a limited period of time to file so if you have questions about Medical Malpractice and would like to talk to the Baer Law Office call 515-INJURED or 515-279-2000. There is NO CHARGE for these types of consultations. 

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