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Upgrade your Bathroom with Midwest Bath | Paid Content

Find out how to spice up your bathroom | Paid Content

Paid Content | safety, beauty, and durability. That’s what a new jacuzzi walk-in shower can do for your bathroom. Darron Steagall, operations manager of Midwest Bath knows a thing or two about walk-in showers. The Cdc reports more than 200-thousand adult injuries per year occur in the bathroom. Most of those injuries happen while bathing or getting out of their tub. Some causes may be no low or no-threshold entry, slip-resistant flooring, customizable grab bars and folding seats. Safety is a big concern especially when it comes to age.

Their baths contain an anti-microbial wall which can resist mold and bacteria growth. Stains are simple to remove with a wipe down with dish liquid or all-purpose cleaner, no more hard scrubbing on your knees. The material used is resistant to any chips or stains common in tile or fiberglass tubs.

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