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Valley View Medical Clinic can help men eliminate the need for the pill | Paid Content

Andrew Rinehart, Valley View Medical Clinic, explains WHY the "pill" has so many negative side effects and how THEY can treat ED with NO side effects | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Men can eliminate the need for using "the pill" and eliminate the many side effects that accompany its use for the treatment of ED. Valley View Medical Clinic uses gentle pressure waves to open up and regrow blood vessels in a targeted area with NO PAIN and NO SIDE EFFECTS.  Andrew Rinehart explains WHY taking the pill can cause problems for so many men and how, after a few treatments a week, for a couple of weeks, can produce amazing results. Right now, you can get an examination, evaluation and blood flow ultra sound performed at NO COST. Plus, receive a FREE gift that can produce immediate results.  Call 515-300-5555 to make an appointment 6 days a week at the Pleasant Hill location. www.valleyviewmedicalclinic.com 

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