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Valley View Medical Clinic gives men the ability to recapture intimacy | Paid Content

Valley View Medical Clinic offers a revolutionary treatment that can help restore a man's intimacy without the use of pills, injections or surgery | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Intimacy between couples…Your love hasn’t faded, maybe just the way you are able to express yourself has, that's where Valley View Medical Clinic can help.  Andrew Rinehart, Medical Technician, explains the revolutionary method that VVMC uses to help restore your love life by treating the root cause of ED. No pills, no injections, no surgery...simply delicate pressure waves that actually open up and stimulate regrowth of blood vessels that may have failed. The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes, a few times a week, for a few weeks...that's it!  Put an end to side effects and other arrangements you may have had to make to capture the passion in your relationship. You can start right now with a FREE exam, evaluation and blood flow ultra sound that will give you a "report card" of your current state. And, if you make an appointment right now, you also receive a FREE GIFT that will produce immediate results in the bedroom. This package is worth HUNDREDS but, is available at NO COST by calling 515-300-5555.

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