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Valley View Medical Clinic offers men a simple solution to a sensitive issue | Paid Content

Valley View Medical Clinic in Pleasant Hill offer a simple solution to problem many men are dealing with, with only a few sessions over a few weeks | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Men who find that their INDOOR activity has dramatically decreased, Valley View Medical Clinic can help!  Men experiencing ED can now have a non-invasive pain-free procedure that involves gentle pressure waves that can open up and regrow blood vessels to alleviate the problem at the source. With just a few 10-15 minute sessions over just a couple of weeks, men can see dramatic results that will eliminate the use of dangerous pills.  And, right now, if you call 515-300-5555, you will receive the exam, evaluation, blood flow ultra sound and get a special gift (that produces immediate results) at NO COST! You can also visit www.valleyviewmedicalclinic.com and read the many scientific studies that discuss the success of this revolutionary treatment. 

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