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Valley View Medical Clinic uses Acoustic Wave Therapy | Paid Content

Valley View Medical Clinic uses the latest Acoustic Wave Therapy to treat ED patients six days a week in Pleasant Hill | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Andres Rinehart, Medical Technician, explains the revolutionary treatments used at Valley View Medical Clinic to treat men who are experiencing ED.  Acoustic Wave Therapy is used to open up and regrow blood vessels in a way that is painless and uses no pills, no injections and has no side effects. The procedures only take minutes and right now, Valley View Medical Clinic has a Special Offer that includes the exam, blood flow assessment and a gift worth hundreds. Get more information and make an appointment by calling 515-300-5555. Office is open six days a week at 5900 East University Suite 301, Pleasant Hill, Iowa. www.valleyviewmedicalclinic.com