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Woman becomes "good steward" of her body and has BIG RESULTS with the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program | Paid Content

Renee McClendon wanted to lose 10 pounds...she ended up losing 20 lbs using Dr. Vince Hassel's ChiroThin Weight Loss Program and she's not done yet! | Paid Content

Paid Content | Renee McClendon contacted Dr. Vince Hassel to lose weight after all other programs she had tried failed. Not only did she lose the weight SHE wanted to lose, she lost MORE! Renee said the specificity of the foods you can eat and supervision were keys to her amazing success of losing 20 pounds! Renee looks radiant as she enjoys running after her grandchildren, feeling lighter and having her clothes feel looser! She is grateful that she can now be a "good steward of her body" because she knows how to feed it! You can achieve these type of results by contacting Dr. Hassel at www.weightlossindesmoines.com and set up to get started on your INDIVIDUAL program today!  Look Great and Feel Great with help from Dr. Vince Hassel and ChiroThin!

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