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Woman continues to lose weight and feel great weeks after completing ChiroThin Weight Loss Program | Paid Content

Dr. Vince Hassel client Brandy Anderson says she has continued to follow healthy lifestyle after completing program and continues to lose weight | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Dr. Vince Hassel's Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program has helped over 3600 people feel great and lose unwanted weight. Brandy Anderson initially lost 24 pounds as she completed the 42 day program. Since that time, 20 days later at the time of this conversation, she has continued the wellness lifestyle and has lost an ADDITIONAL 10 pounds! Brandy says "This is what I want" and that she was "making bad choices and didn't realize it."  This is where Dr. Vince Hassel can step in and help you regain your health and lose those unwanted pounds through the use of science with his proven method.  Visit www.weightlossindesmoines.com