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Woman loses 50 pounds and is amazed by how "the weight just melted off!" | Paid Content

Dr Vince Hassel introduces us to Sue Hunter, who lost 50 lbs using the ChiroThin Weight Loss program & explains how his drops are essential to success | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Sue Hunter tried a lot of weight loss programs before she had AMAZING success using Dr. Hassel's Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program and lost 50 pounds! "Unbelievable" is how Sue described the experience and goes on to say that with along with NO exercise, "going through the program was easy, I was never hungry...the weight just melted off!" Dr. Hassel explains how using his ChiroThin Drops is essential to losing the stubborn fat by allowing the body to target the area between the chest and thighs. Dr. Hassel talks about what happens if you follow the plan WITHOUT the metabolic resetting drops and WHY they work! See dramatic results, like Sue, by making an appointment to visit with Dr. Vince Hassel by going to www.weightlossindesmoines.com 

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