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Woman no longer uses CPAP machine after one round of ChiroThin | Paid Content

Buffy Louk was able to put her CPAP machine in the drawer after one round of Dr. Vince Hassel's ChiroThin Weight Loss program! | Paid Content

PAID CONTENT | Buffy Louk wanted to become healthier, feel better and live longer so she could enjoy life more including spending time with her family! After one round of Dr. Vince Hassel's ChiroThin Weight Loss program, she was able to lose 23 pounds and is no longer dependent on using her CPAP machine to sleep at night!  Dr. Hassel says he has heard this HUNDREDS of times over the years with people having success using his program. Buffy also said that her cholesterol level continues to decrease and is feeing great! Buffy goes on to say this is the "easiest program I can think of" and expands upon the simplicity of the program.  Learn how YOU can have this kind of success by calling or texting Dr. Hassel at 515-423-8396 or www.weightlossindesmoines.com  

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