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DIY: Spread some positive messages with these unique painted flags

The flags are inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, which are designed to promote peace and serenity.

DES MOINES, Iowa — With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect every Iowan in some way, it's especially important to support our neighbors with positive messages and good vibes.

Michele Brown, host of Iowa Live on CW Iowa 23, has a creative activity you can do at home with your family to spread more good cheer in your community.

These easy-to-make flags are inspired by Tibetan prayer flags. People in Tibet would hang flags outside their homes with good intentions. 

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Then, then as the flags blow in the wind, the thoughtful messages and words of positivity are said to spread through the community.

You can recreate these flags at home with some fabric, paint, primer, and yarn. 

Then, be sure to send us your photos of the finished product when you get them hanging outside your home! 

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