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Seal pup born at Blank Park Zoo needs a name

The zoo is asking the community to vote online to name the baby seal.

DES MOINES, Iowa — A seal pup born at the Blank Park Zoo more than a month ago still needs a name—so the zoo is asking for help

The zoo's harbor seal "Meru" gave birth to a baby girl on Aug. 7.

“The pup is curious like her father but also a little timid like her mother,” Travis Wickersham, area supervisor of carnivores and primates, said in a release. “Meru has been a great mom.”

The pup weighed 30 pounds at birth and has since gained almost 50 pounds. Both the mom and pup are healthy.

Voting to name her is open through Wednesday, Sept. 23 at this link. The name options are:

  • Brooks (The zoo says this option is "in honor of keeper favorite, Garth Brooks")
  • Mira
  • Siku
  • Remi

The winning name will be announced Friday, Sept. 25.

Zookeepers are beginning to introduce the pup to Hub Harbor, where her parents and three California sea lions live. The parents have been at the zoo since 2011. Both were deemed non-releasable due to injuries and ailments sustained in the wild.

“While the harbor seals’ conservation status is listed as ‘least concern,’ they are facing pressures in natural areas because of a lack of fish to eat. This is due to over-fishing, rising ocean temperatures and ocean pollution, such as plastics,” Wickersham added.

The zoo also gave the following information for visitors:

Harbor seal pups wean from their mothers at four to six weeks, so there will be times during the next couple of months that she will not be available for viewing. 

Credit: Blank Park Zoo

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